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About Blue Water Rail Services

Blue Water Rail Services is focused on providing the highest level of safety performance and to deliver continued value to our customers. We currently provide services to customer locations in the Lower Mainland at local marine port terminals, with a focus on expanding our services of first and last mile delivery throughout western Canada. We offer a wide breadth of railway operational experience including terminal rail operations, logistics, switching services, engineering and mechanical services, railcar repair, and track and maintenance of way services.

BWRS has access to an extensive portfolio of industrial lands to promote trade growth and transloading opportunities for our customers. BWRS is versed in using a customer’s existing lands to develop supply-chain solutions and acquiring lands to facilitate expansion ideas.

BWRS has acquired a wide breadth of experience in developing, handling and distributing commodities to support the requirements and demands of the customer. Part of the Washington Group of Companies, BWRS can deliver several multi-modal solutions that support expanding the reach of the customer’s market.

BWRS has the capability to deliver a dynamic service offering to enhance terminal utilization, with a heightened focus on meeting the terminal’s objectives and priorities. With significant knowledge of the Class 1 interface with Terminal Operations, BWRS can optimize and tailor solutions that increase efficiency and key performance metrics. The workforce is the impetus for BWRS’s success within current operations, with 90% being distributed power and CROR qualified engineers. This knowledge and experience propels BWRS to increase through-put capacity by minimizing the time between trains, equipment velocity, mitigating break-downs, identifying continuous improvement and strengthening the first and last-mile performance.

Being a common carrier within port jurisdiction enables BWRS to deliver unwavering supply-chain service solutions aligned to maximize the efficiencies and goals of the regional port. BWRS recognizes that providing port solutions goes beyond the waterfront gateways, our solutions include offering end-to-end solutions that provide customer resiliency, visibility, sustainability and results.

BWRS has access to a full complement of mechanical and maintenance facilities for equipment, equipment maintenance, and auxiliary storage facilities to support customer supply change requirements.

BWRS has access to a full complement of mechanical and maintenance facilities for locomotives and appliances, inspections and servicing.

BWRS’s engineering department is qualified and certified to undertake the design and construction of infrastructure. The department further oversees the maintenance of way team with a focus on inspections, routine maintenance, and fixes when deemed necessary.

BWRS is a part of the Washington Group of Companies, a diversified organization with service offerings globally in several industrial and transportation sectors. The BWRS and SRY railway divisions works jointly with the Seaspan marine, barge, and ferry divisions to expand customer trade corridor access and distribution networks the multi-modes of transportation.

BWRS has the experience and knowledge to develop a regional full-service offering with Class 1 Carriers and first and last mile customers.

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