Leadership and Community

HaiSea Marine is a joint venture partnership between the Haisla Nation and Seaspan ULC. Both partners have considerable experience and knowledge of operating in Northern British Columbia, making HaiSea a natural choice for providing responsible and dependable marine services in the region. We understand that our company operates in environmentally sensitive and populated areas in the unceded traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. We respect that the community and public at large are interested in how we are managing our environmental aspects, and we aim to respond to community and public concerns in the most effective manner. Below we demonstrate some of our environmental stewardship and awareness initiatives, including recognition we have received from the local community for our efforts pursued by HaiSea Marine to-date.

Ways We Serve

Care for our Community and Marine Environment

Turkey Naming Ceremony for Haisea Tugs March 2023.

World’s Greenest Fleet to Date

Once delivered, the new fleet will be among the greenest tugboat fleets in the world to provide ship-assist and escort towing services to LNG carriers in Kitimat in the unceded traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. The harbour tugs will be able to recharge from dedicated shore charging facilities, effectively resulting in near-zero emissions when running on batteries, lowering the GHG emissions from 54% to 24% comparing to their diesel-powered alternatives. The escort tugs will feature an exhaust after-treatment system in full compliance with IMO Tier III emissions standards, the most stringent emissions standards for the international marine industry.

Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO)

HaiSea participates in the Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) Program which is led by the Port of Vancouver. This program focuses on reducing the impact of shipping activities on whales throughout the southern coast of BC. Seaspan’s efforts under the ECHO program include measurements of our vessel noise signatures and assessing noise reduction benefits of effective vessel maintenance, efficient design, and speed alterations.

Kitamaat Village sign

Local Hire Initiative

The HaiSea Marine operational objective and plan is to provide equal opportunities to qualified Local Businesses to participate in the performance of Subcontracts and to enhance the capacity of Local Businesses Vendors’. The Local Businesses and individuals will be prioritized for contracting opportunities available on the HaiSea Marine Careers site during the operations.

“HaiSea Marine is majority-owned by the Haisla,” Haisla Nation Chief Councillor Crystal Smith said. “Our agreement with Seaspan ensures our members will have access to employment, training and procurement opportunities. The opportunity to work locally in the marine industry is of great significance to the Haisla people.”

Benefits will also be available to the Gitxaala Nation and the Gitga’at Nation and other local businesses.

In his own words – Edward Ross and HaiSea Marine