All five tug boats were named by the Haisla, Gitxaala, and Gitga’at Nations and carry connection to the cultures and regions of BC’s North Coast

March 9, 2023 – North Vancouver, BC – HaiSea Marine, majority owned by Haisla Nation in partnership with Seaspan ULC, is celebrating the official naming and blessing of its tug boat fleet – which includes the world’s first fully electric harbour tug boats, along with dual fuel (LNG and Diesel) escort tug boats. Once delivered, the green fleet will provide ship-assist and escort towing services to LNG carriers calling at LNG Canada’s new export facility in Kitimat in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.

Members of the Haisla Nation joined representatives from Seaspan, HaiSea Marine and LNG Canada for the naming ceremony at Sanmar Shipyards in Istanbul, Turkiye. The naming ceremony marks a significant moment for HaiSea Marine as each of the five tug boats were named by the Haisla, Gitxaala and Gitga’at Nations.

Haisla Nation:

Gitxaala Nation:

Gitga’at Nation:

The HaiSea fleet will include three fully electric tugs. The ElectRA 2800 is a new series of battery electric harbour tugs and were specifically designed and customized for its innovative propulsion system to meet the unique requirements of assisting LNG carriers on and off the berths at the LNG Canada terminal.  The two dual fuel (LNG and Diesel) tug boats are RAstar 4000-DF escort tugs and with 100 tonnes of bollard pull will be the west coast of Canada’s most powerful escort tugs.


“It is meaningful to be in Turkiye on behalf of the Haisla Nation to celebrate the naming and blessing of the first vessels in the HaiSea fleet. HaiSea Wee’git, HaiSea Wamis and HaiSea Brave were named by Haisla members and carry special meaning for our people, history, and territory. From the very beginning, this joint venture was designed to ensure our members and neighbours would have access to employment opportunities and today we are closer to realizing those benefits.”

“The naming and blessing ceremonies in
Turkiye mark a significant milestone for HaiSea Marine as we prepare to launch the world’s first fully electric tug boat. We are proud to reach this milestone together with our partners from Haisla, Gitxaala, and Gitga’at Nations and we look forward to working together for generations to come and delivering on HaiSea’s promise of opportunities for the Haisla people and their coastal First Nations neighbours.”

“The collaboration between Seaspan and the Haisla Nation is an exciting and purposeful partnership that will provide dependable and responsible marine services to LNG carriers calling in Kitimat. Their culture of safety, respect and environmental stewardship is an extension of LNG Canada’s commitment to designing, building and operating our project in consideration of community interests while providing benefits to north coast communities.”

“We are delighted to celebrate the HaiSea fleet at Sanmar Shipyards – it is our honour to build HaiSea’s tug boats, which will form the world’s most technologically advanced fleet. This celebration comes at a time our country needs it and we are grateful to the HaiSea team for their ongoing support, especially over the last challenging month for our country.”

Seaspan has a deep and longstanding relationship with Turkiye and in respect of the relationship with Sanmar Shipyards, Seaspan Marine and LNG Canada have partnered to provide support for the relief efforts following the earthquake through a donation to the Canadian Red Cross.



HaiSea Marine is a joint venture majority owned by the Haisla Nation in partnership with Seaspan ULC. Both partners have considerable experience and knowledge of operating in Northern British Columbia, making HaiSea Marine a natural choice for providing responsible and dependable marine services in the region.



Jessica Gares